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Did you know?
The public access to mls.ca is less detailed then our REALTOR® access.
We will set everything up so that you can receive all present and any new listings as soon as they hit the market via email.
Just email us and let us know what you are interested in. Price range, location, how many bedrooms and etc.

Thinking About Buying a Home?
Step One
Are you ready to be a home owner?Buying a home is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you will most likely ever make. Educate yourself on the process and the responsibilities that come along with being a homeowner. Think about or better yet, write down the pros and cons for both renting and buying a home. Are there more advantages to owning a home at this time in your life? Are you financially stable? Are you ready for the responsibility of repairs and maintenance and do you have the time for house maintenance? Is your lifestyle ready for this change?

Step Two
Are you financially ready? What can you afford? Begin with calculating your current monthly household expenses andcurrent debt payments. What you can afford will be based on the amount of your down payment and the maximum monthly payments. If possible it’s advantageous to put down a larger down payment, to lower your monthly payments and save on interest costs. In addition to purchasing a home, keep in mind the other significant expenses such as, heating, property taxes, home maintenance and potential renovations that may be needed.At this point it would be best to contact a mortgage specialist and discuss topics like your mortgage loan insurance options, your credit report/history and the types of mortgages available for you and your needs.Next step would be to get a pre-approved mortgage and start your shopping. This will be good for a specified amount of time but keep in mind, this is not a guarantee for being approved for your mortgage loan when it is time to make an offer.Other expenses to consider;-Moving expenses-Condominium fees-Service connection fees (ie: cable, internet, phone and etc.)-Seasonal equipment (ie: lawn care, snow removal, gardening)-Renovations-Appliances

Step Three
What kind of home do you need? Look for a home that best suites your needs for the next 5 to 10 years, or a home that can grow and change with you and your needs in the later future.
Things to consider;-How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?-Do you want a new home or a resale home? -Do you need a home office or a hobby room?-How many parking spaces do you need?-Do you need extra storage space? -Are there any special amenities you would like? (ie: pool, fireplace, air conditioning and etc.)
Location, location, location is extremely important. Keep in mind the cost of commuting places if they are not close to the home you would like to offer on. Consider the following;-Would you like a rural property or one in the city?-Do you want to be close to work?-Where will your children go to school?-How close would you like to be to your family and/or friends?-Do you want to be close to a recreational facility, parks, shopping and etc.?-What is important to you in a neighbourhood? Appearance? Safety? -Do you want a new home or a previously-owned home? Educate yourself and talk to  your REALTOR® about the pros and cons of this.
What professional services will you need to consider? -REALTOR® - Team Brown would love to work with you!-Lender or mortgage broker-Lawyer -Insurance broker-Home inspector -Appraiser-Land surveyor-Builder or contractorYou should interview these professionals first before deciding who to go with. This will be YOUR team so make sure to find people you are comfortable with.

Step Four - Time to buy.

Ideas to start your search.

-Work with a REALTOR®. Their expertise and experience can only help you. Remember they are professional negotiators too. 

-Especially here in Winnipeg, word of mouth can be helpful. Tell everyone you know that you are looking.

-Use the internet. There are a variety of sites to look at. Here’s just a few; www.realtor.ca , www.winnipegkijiji.ca
-Newspapers and real estate magazines

-Drive around and look at “For Sale” signs

-Making an offer. Normally, the information required would be your legal name, the legal civic address of the property, the price you are offering, items included (ie: appliances and etc.), amount of your deposit, your possession date (closing date), a request for a current land survey of the property, date the offer expires and any other conditions (ie: financing, home inspection and etc.)

What happens next?

Your REALTOR® presents the offer to the vendor. Either the vendor will accept your offer or will make a counter-offer for a higher price or different terms, then the negotiating begins. Once your offer has been accepted, it is time to go see your lender. They will put together what is needed to complete the mortgage application.

Step Five
Congratulations! You are a home owner! Get to know your home and keep a seasonal maintenance calendar. Every season requires different maintenance tasks.